Discover what SEO is and how to put it into practice so that you can optimize your website for the main search engines such as Google, using various techniques and strategies that correspond to the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization or in Spanish search engine optimization.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

It is basically the techniques and strategies used to improve the organic positioning of your website in internet search engines.

Although Google is the most popular of these, there are other search engines in which you can also apply SEO techniques to achieve positioning.

Having a web page for your business or enterprise is useful to have a digital presence, however, even if you have it, you will not necessarily obtain the audience you want and for this reason it is essential to have a position among the first positions in search engines. search like Google.

SEO optimization consists of a process that is carried out with the intention of improving the visibility and positioning of your website among the main organic search results of a search engine.

When referring to organic results, it means that these are not payments but that the position is obtained thanks to the quality of the content it offers.

There is also the complementary option of paying a certain cost per click in order to improve the position of your website, however, this technique is known as Search Engine Marketing.

Why is it important to have a website with SEO optimization?

There are several reasons why having a good SEO positioning is essential for any website, among them, it is worth mentioning the following:

  1. It allows you to multiply your visibility, making a large number of users know about your site and frequently access it.
  2. It offers the possibility of improving your website, since by giving feedback to your users you will be able to obtain the information you need to improve their experience and the site itself.
  3. It is a long-term investment, it means that even if you think that you will not see immediate results in the long run, having SEO positioning will allow your website to rank among the top positions in the search engine.
  4. Make your website profitable, since you have made an investment of money, time and resources to develop a site for your business or enterprise and by achieving SEO positioning you will be able to obtain a greater number of visits and potential buyers.
  5. Improve the impact of the social networks of your business or enterprise, so that by creating a synergy between your website and the networks, you can get more users to access your brand.
  6. Provides trust and credibility to your site, since Internet users who access websites are usually carried away by the criteria of Google and other search engines, considering those that are positioned in the first places to be more reliable.
  7. It allows you to measure and optimize your website in the future, so that the more you work, the better results you will obtain and you will be able to correct those that are required at the precise moment.

Strategies to implement SEO on your website

To put SEO into practice on your website, it is essential that you apply these 10 strategies:

  1. Profile a Buyer person who is in accordance with your venture or business.
  2. Identify the keywords or Key Words that will be useful to you.
  3. Study and analyze your competition, so that you stay up to the challenge.
  4. Always take care of your images when uploading them to your website.
  5. Focus on the details that Google appreciates within the positioning.
  6. Check and keep all the links operational so that you can avoid those that are broken.
  7. Preferably use your own links.
  8. Place valuable content for users on your website.
  9. Analyze and evaluate the metrics of your SEO strategy.
  10. Be constant and work on the SEO strategies that you apply to your website.