If you have a virtual presence, you may be wondering what Black Hat is? It is fraudulent practices to achieve web positioning and this can be punished very harshly by the main search engines such as Google.


While it is true that all website owners want to reach the top positions on their sites, especially when it comes to search engines like Google, they have rules that must be followed to honestly achieve rankings, however, owners sometimes resort to unethical techniques known as Black Hat Seo.

The Black Hat is made up of any type of SEO practice that violates the guidelines of search engines such as Google to position themselves in the ranking.

In this sense, this term may cover too many situations and it is necessary to know which of them particularly violate the rules. Everything that does not obey the premise of creating unique and useful content for the user, in order to position themselves, is considered to be Black Hat.

In general, it is not considered that a worker who is dedicated to doing freelance SEO work does Black Hat when he has a quality link to a topic related to the one that his client asks him and it is common for this term to basically apply to illicit actions which are usually aggressive and not the previous ones.

Techniques that are considered Black Hat

So that you can have a clearer idea of ​​what is considered Black Hat in Seo, it is important to know some of the actions.

Spinning and duplicate content

Spinning basically consists of creating content from an existing one, doing a rewrite and publishing it as if it were something of its own.

Usually this action is carried out using programs that systematically and automatically modify the original content to produce new, but still foreign.

Duplicate content consists of what is known as plagiarism and that Google obviously sanctions.

Hidden content

This is another Black Hat technique that is frequently used by some and is to insert as many keywords as possible and relevant links in a text in which the content does not really provide anything useful to the reader.

In addition, it is common to use the same background color as the page, reduce the font size to zero, rearrange the text outside the page, and more.

Keyword stuffing

The technique is another of the most popular and it involves inserting the keyword in the content excessive number of times and in an illogical way, with the aim of clearly manipulating the page to increase relevance in search engines and achieve higher positions.

This is usually done by inserting lists of phone numbers that do not add value, blocks of text that list places, cities, states and more, by repeating the same words or phrases too often and including the Keyword.

Payment links

This consists of requesting other more relevant websites to generate a certain link or link for your page in exchange for a payment, either in currency or any other that is agreed upon.

Negative seo

It is about using various techniques that, through Seo, put a competition page in a bad light, such as adding poor quality links with harmful comments, inserting them too quickly and suspiciously, inserting certain links or simply making non-positive comments about other pages. Web.


This is a Black Hat technique that allows certain content to be displayed to users and a different one to crawlers.

Link Farm

It is a website that is created for the sole purpose of creating links to link to other sites.

Private Blog Network or PBN

It is a private network of blogs created to generate links very similar to those of link farm.

Abuse of structured data

This is a practice that uses schematized data that changes the way the content of the page is displayed in the results of search engines such as Google.

Block spam

It consists of including a link to a website within the comments of a blog as spam.